Volume 42 (2015)

Special Issue Editors: Professors Marnie O’Neill and Anne Chapman

Globalisation, Internationalisation and English Language: Studies of Education in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia [Download PDF]
Marnie O’Neill and Anne Chapman

Status of Tamil Language in Singapore: An Analysis of Family Domain [Download PDF]
Shanmugam Kadakara

The Use of Literacy Materials in Early Childhood English Language and Literacy Programmes in Singapore: Local Responses to Global Trends [Download PDF]
Alice Tang

The Target of the Question: A Taxonomy of Textual Features for Cambridge University ‘O’ Levels English [Download PDF]
Shanti Isabelle Benjamin

English literatures in post-colonial Singapore [Download PDF]
Rozita Dass

Doing Business in the Global Village: Japanese Professionals on EL Needs in Singapore [Download PDF]
Mitaka Yoneda

The Challenge of English Language Collocation Learning in an ES/FL Environment: PRC Students in Singapore [Download PDF]
Yang Ying

A Policy Analysis of the Delivery of Primary and Secondary School Mathematics and Science in English [Download PDF]
Pratheepa Mohandhas (Pratheepa OC Rajaratnam)

Teacher Education: English Language and Literature in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Environment [Download PDF]
Florence G. Kayad

English Language Literacies of Undergraduate Students in Malaysia’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Environment: Casualties of National Language Policies and Globalisation? [Download PDF]
Wahiza Wahi

Teaching and Learning through the Eyes of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Postgraduates and their Lecturers in Australia and Vietnam: Implications for the Internationalisation of Education in Australian Universities [Download PDF]
Toni Dobinson


Engaging in Networked Learning: Innovating at the Intersection of Technology and Pedagogy [Download PDF]
Grace Oakley and Mark Diese Seite Pegrum

The Relationship between Perceived Transformative Class Experiences and Subsequent Prosocial Intentions [Download PDF]
Marinda K. Harrell-Levy and Jennifer L. Kerpelman

Insights into Departure Intention: A Qualitative Case Study [Download PDF]
Riccardo Natoli, Beverley Jackling and Salina Siddique

A Multi-Level Simultaneous Analysis of How Student and School Characteristics are Related to Students’ English Language Achievement [Download PDF]
Emre Güvendir

Exploring Justifications and Enactment of Justification Curriculum in Elementary Classrooms [Download PDF]
Jessie C. Store

A Philosophical Twist to the Scholar-Practitioner Tradition [Download PDF]
Scott Bailey and Chetanath Gautam

Examining the Language Factor in Mathematics Assessments [Download PDF]
Adnan Kan and Okan Bulut

Focus Group Outcomes of the Happy Kids Program [Download PDF]
Karen Anderson, Neil Ferguson, Gary Partington and Matt Byrne

A Theory for Educational Research: Socialisation Theory and Symbolic Interaction [Download PDF]
Anthony Potts