Author Instructions


Manuscripts must be no more than 6,000 words in length (including Tables and Figures, but excluding references).


Manuscripts must be submitted only in soft copy (Word or RTF).


A brief abstract of not more than 100 words must be provided at the head of the article.

Author Details:

The title of the article, author’s name and affiliation should be set on a separate title page. Address details for the corresponding author must also be provided.


A three- to four-line biography (including current academic position, affiliated institution, and research interests) must be provided for the ‘Contributors to this Issue’ page.


Owing to the multi-disciplinary nature of the journal, a variety of established forms of referencing are accepted. It is imperative, however, that authors remain consistent in their use of reference style within manuscripts.

Tables and Figures:

Tables and figures must be presented within the appropriate section of the text (not on a separate page or at the end of the manuscript). These must be modifiable (i.e., not inserted as pictures) and created in a widely used format (e.g., Word or Excel). Components of diagrams should be ‘grouped’ appropriately prior to submission to ensure that these do not separate with changes in margins and line spacing.

How To Send:

These must be sent via email to:, along with a signed copyright transfer form.



(08) 6488 6000 Ask for Elaine Chapman



35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, W.A