Volume 30(1), June 2003

School effectiveness in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. [Download PDF]
Benny Grobler, Thomas Bisschoff and Rajkamur Mestry

An investigation into the academic effectiveness of class attendance in an intermediate microeconomic theory class. [Download PDF]
John Rodgers and Joan Rodgers

Educational mentoring : is it worth the effort? [Download PDF]
Brian Hansford, Lee Tennent and Lisa Ehrich

Suppressed and oppressed? Edited life histories of Australian female academics 1965-1985. [Download PDF]
Anthony Potts

Participant observation research : a deconstruction of researcher- participant relationship. [Download PDF]
Wendy Scott

Henry James on education. [Download PDF]
Peter Musgrave

Understanding as the key objective of education. [Download PDF]
Brian Crittenden