Selected Publications of Clive Whitehead

Books –

C. Whitehead, Education in Fiji since Independence: A Study of Government Policy. Wellington, New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 1986.

C. Whitehead. Education in Fiji: Policy, Problems and Progress in Primary and Secondary Schools, 1939-1973, Canberra. ANU Press, 1986.

C. Whitehead, Colonial Educators: The British Indian and Colonial Education Service 1858-1983. London: I.B. Taurus, 2003

T. O’Donoghue and C. Whitehead, Teacher Education in the English-speaking World. North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, 2008

Academic Papers and Book Chapters –

C. Whitehead, The Thomas Report–A study in educational reform. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 9, 1, 1974, 52-64,.

C. Whitehead, Education in British colonial dependencies, 1919‐39: a re‐appraisal, Comparative Education, 17, 1, 71-80, 1981.

C. Whitehead, Education policy in British tropical Africa: The 1925 white paper in retrospect, History of Education, 10, 3, 195-203, 1981.

C. Whitehead, Government or Non-Government Schools: A British Colonial Legacy and Its Aftermath .– ERIC ED265265, 1983

C. Whitehead, The education of women and girls: an aspect of British colonial policy, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 16, 2, 1984, 24-34.

C. Whitehead, The ‘two‐way pull’ and the establishment of university education in British West Africa, History of Education, 16, 2, 1987, 119-133.

C. Whitehead, British colonial education policy: a synonym for cultural imperialism? In J. A. Mangan, Benefits Bestowed. Education and British Imperialism. London: Routledge,1988.

C. Whitehead, The impact of the Second World War on British colonial education policy, History of Education, 18, 3, 1989, 267-293.

C. Whitehead, Education in faraway places: evidence from the periphery of empire of the problems of developing schooling in British colonies Education Research and Perspectives, 16, 1, 1989, 51-69.

C. Whitehead, Sir Christopher Cox: An Imperial Patrician of a Different Kind, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 21, 1, 1989, 28-42.

C. Whitehead, The Advisory Committee on Education in the Colonies 1924‐1961, Paedagogica Historica, 27, 3, 1991, 384-421.

C. Whitehead, Implementation: The challenge to educational planning in the 1990s, International Journal of Educational Development, 11, 4, 1991, 315-319.

G Partington, C. Whitehead, B Warren, The politics of educational research, Education Monitor, 3, 1, 1992, 32-35.

C. Whitehead, Miss Freda Gwilliam (1907‐1987): A Portrait of the ‘Great Aunt’ of British Colonial Education, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 24, 2, 1992, 147-163.

C. Whitehead, Education for subordination? Some reflections on Kilemi Mwiria’s account of African education in colonial Kenya, History of Education, 22, 1, 1993, 85-93.

C. Whitehead, British educational policy in India 1858-1921: an outline of a research agenda, Education Research and Perspectives, 2-, 2, 1993, 81-87.

C. Whitehead, ‘The admirable Ward’: a portrait of WEF (Frank) Ward, CMG, colonial educator, administrator, diplomat and scholar, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 25, 2, 1993, 138-160.

C. Whitehead, The medium of instruction in British Colonial education: a case of cultural imperialism or enlightened paternalism? History of Education, 24, 1, 1995, 1-15.

C. Whitehead, ‘When the bush takes fire”: A study of the origins and purpose of non-formal education in British colonial policy. In J. Lynch, C. Modgil, & S. Modgil (Eds.), Non-Formal and Non-governmental Approaches. Cassell.1997.

C. Whitehead, The Nestor of British Colonial Education: A portrait of Arthur Mayhew CIE, CMG (1818‐1948), Journal of Educational Administration and History, 29, 1, 1997, 51-76.

C. Whitehead, Introduction to, and original text of ‘My Early Life’: Arthur Mayhew’s memoirs of his Oxford childhood in the 1880s, and his life as a student at Winchester and NewCollege Oxford, Education Research and Perspectives, 25, 1, 1998, 46-60.

C. Whitehead, The contribution of the Christian missions to British colonial education, Paedagogica Historica, 35, 1, 1999, 321-337.

C. Whitehead, Overseas education and British colonial education 1929-63, History of Education, 32, 5, 2003, 561-575.

K Tully, C Whitehead, Staking out the territory: the University of Western Australia, the Diploma in Education and teacher training 1914-1956, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 28, 1, 2003, 1-12.

J. Sweeney, T. O’Donoghue and C. Whitehead, Traditional face‐to‐face and web‐based tutorials: a study of university students’ perspectives on the roles of tutorial participants, Teaching in Higher Education, 9, 3, 2004, 311-323.

C. Whitehead, The Christian missions and the origins of the Indian Education Commission 1882-83, Education Research and Perspectives, 31, 2, 2004, 120-136.

C. Whitehead, Gwilliam, Freda Howitt (1907-1987). In HCG Matthew, & B. Harrison (Eds.), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press. 2004.

C. Whitehead, The historiography of British imperial education policy, Part I: India, History of Education, 34, 3, 2005, 315-329.

C. Whitehead, The historiography of British Imperial education policy, Part II: Africa and the rest of the colonial empire History of Education, 34, 4, 2005, 441-454.

C. Whitehead, Ethnicity and British colonialism: the rationale for racially-based schools, Education Research and Perspectives, 32, 1, 2005, 120-130.

C. Whitehead, The concept of British education policy in the colonies 1850-1960, Journal of Educational Administration and History, 39, 2, 2007, 161-173.

C. Whitehead , ‘A proper subject of reproach to the Empire’: reflections on British education policy in the Seychelles 1938-1948.- Education Research and Perspectives, 35, 2, 2008, 95-111.

C. Whitehead, K Tully, Audacious beginnings: the establishment of universities in Australasia 1850-1900, Education Research and Perspectives, 36, 2, 2009, 1-44.

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