About ERP

Education Research and Perspectives (ERP, ISSN: 1446-0017) has been published continuously since December 1950. Initially called The Educand, the title was changed in 1961 to The Australian Journal of Higher Education. The present title was adopted in 1974. Throughout its history, the Journal has been multi-disciplinary in its outlook, with a mixture of general issues and issues devoted to special topics. The Journal welcomes scholarly contributions in the form of empirical research articles, review essays, commentary papers, and book reviews. The range of authors is worldwide. All papers (with the exception of book reviews) are peer reviewed.

Until 2012, ERP was produced in hard copy format, and published on a bi-annual basis.  In 2012, ERP became an open-access, online journal, and ceased to be made available in hard copy format. All contents of the Journal from 2000 onward are now available as open access articles. Issues of ERP published prior to 2000 are available in hard copy form and can be downloaded through sites such as Proquest. A list of article titles and authors for these prior issues is available through the Articles section of this site.

There are no ‘issues’ of the Journal any longer – articles are uploaded as they finalised. Thus, each volume of the Journal represents an entire year of publications. This strategy has been adopted with a view to reducing the time interval between submission and acceptance of articles, and their appearance in the public domain.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR AUTHORS: Education Research and Perspectives will be publishing two special issues in the latter half of 2014. As a result, the Journal will accept new submissions in this time, but these new submissions will not be published until 2015. Any papers that have been submitted prior to 19 August 2014 will be processed and, if accepted, published prior to the appearance of the special issues in 2014. Authors who wish to submit new papers are welcome to do so, but need to be aware that if accepted, will not appear until 2015.