Vol.38(2) – December 2011


Guest Editor: Professor Sean Hood

The Recruitment Problem in Psychiatry: A Critical Commentary [Download PDF]

Hans Stampfer

Stigmatisation of Mental Illness and its Impact on Recruitment of Medical Students to a Career in Psychiatry [Download PDF]

Zaza Lyons and Sean Hood

Stigmatisation of Psychiatrists: Experiences of Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Registrars in Western Australia [Download PDF]

Mojdeh Bassiri, Zaza Lyons and Sean Hood

Communication Skills in Medical Education: An Integrated Approach [Download PDF]

Kellie Bennett and Zaza Lyons

A Tutorial Programme to Enhance Psychiatry Learning Processes within a PBL-Based Course [Download PDF]

Sean Hood and Elaine Chapman

An Overview of Undergraduate Training in Cultural Competency and Cross-Cultural Psychiatry [Download PDF]

Zaza Lyons and Jonathan Laugharne