Vol.31(2) – December 2004

Family history and the history of families. [Download PDF]

Richard Selleck

Australian liberalism, the middle class and public education from Henry Parkes to John Howard. [Download PDF]

Geoffrey Sherington and Craig Campbell

Rescuing lay teachers in Catholic schools from anonymity for the period 1870-1970. [Download PDF]

Tom O'Donoghue

Bringing up Harry Penrith : injustice and becoming Burnum Burnum : the formative years of a child of the Stolen Generation. [Download PDF]

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John Ramsland

Why Americans love to reform the public schools. [Download PDF]

William Reese

The Christian missions and the origins of the Indian Education Commission 1882-83. [Download PDF]

Clive Whitehead

Achievement, race, and urban school reform in historical perspective : three views from Detroit. [Download PDF]

Barry Franklin

The development of educational studies and teacher education in Ireland. [Download PDF]

John Coolahan

Polio, disability, and American public schooling : a historiographical exploration. [Download PDF]

Richard Altenbaugh

Emancipating a Neo-liberal society? Initial thoughts on the progressive pedagogical heritage in Flanders since the 1960s. [Download PDF]

Tom De Coster, Marc Depaepe and Frank Simon

An international brotherhood of Whigs : nineteenth century school reformers in the United States and Prussia. [Download PDF]

Jurgen Herbst