Professor Lawrence Rudner

Lawrence M. Rudner is Vice President of Research and Development at the Graduate Management Admission Council. His work at GMAC® has included test validation, adaptive testing, professional standards, QTI specifications, test security, data forensics, and contract monitoring for the GMAT® exam. Professor Rudner additionally created a new R&D unit at GMAC®, which now produces a large collection of psychometric research reports and numerous high visibility survey reports each year. He has conducted some of the first research on several lasting measurement topics, including the use of IRT to assess item bias (AERA,  1977; JEBS, 1980), parameter invariance (EPM, 1983), assessment of person fit (JEM, 1983), validity of a composite measure (EM:IP, 2001), and classification accuracy (PARE, 2002).  He has served as co-editor on books about testing published by the National Education Association and the Education Writers Association. Professor Rudner is a champion for the exchange of information, tools, and ideas. He is the founder and co-editor of the online journal Practical Assessment Research and Evaluation (, which is now the most widely read journal in the field. In 2004, as the former Director of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, Professor Rudner received the NCME Award for Outstanding Dissemination of Measurement Concepts to the Public.