Professor David Andrich

Professor David napsauta tätä linkkiä Andrich is currently the Chapple Chair in Education at the University of Western Australia. Professor Andrich is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia, and is a world authority on Rasch's probabilistic measurement models. He completed a BSc in mathematics and applied mathematics at the University of Western Australia. He then completed a PhD at the University of Chicago’s MESA program in the School of Education in 1973. In 1986, Professor Andrich took up his position as Professor of Education at Murdoch University, where he worked until 2007. During that time, he was the Dean of Education at Murdoch University from 1988-1990 inclusive, and from June 2003 until end May 2005. In 2007 he returned to The University of Western Australia as Chapple Professor of Education. Professor Andrich has been a member of editorial boards for a number of journals including Psychometrika (1995–2003), Applied Psychological Measurement (1986-), the Journal of Educational Measurement (1984–1989) and Australian Journal of Education (1990–1993). Professor Andrich is especially known for his work on Rasch measurement theory. He is the author of Rasch Models for Measurement (Sage) and coauthor of the software package Rasch Unidimensional Measurement Models (RUMMLab). He has published extensively in areas ranging from Rasch models to philosophy of science.