Professor Marnie O'Neill

Marnie O’Neill is a Professor of Education at the University of Western Australia, and was previously an Editor of ERP. She was the inaugural Director of Teaching for pre-service teacher education in the Graduate School of Education, The University of Western Australia. She then co-ordinated the Doctor of Education program with Professor Tom O’Donoghue for twelve years. She served as Dean and head of school for five years. Her current spheres of interest are in supervision of higher degree students and contributions to teaching and supervision in transnational Masters and Doctoral programs in Singapore and Hong Kong. Professor O’Neill’s expertise lies in qualitative studies including interpretivist approaches (interview studies, case studies, perspectival studies). Fields of interest include gender studies, curriculum theory, policy and practice, classroom interaction, teacher induction and professional development, social discourse theory. Professor O’Neill has published numerous journal articles in outlets such as English Quarterly, Curriculum Perspectives, English in Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, and The International Journal of Inclusivity. She has also written numerous invited book chapters.