Professor John Biggs

John Biggs has held Chairs in Education in Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong and is currently an Honorary Professor of Psychology at HKU. Professor Biggs developed the SOLO Taxonomy for assessing the quality of learning outcomes, and the model of constructive alignment for designing teaching and assessment. After studying psychology at the University of Tasmania, Professor Biggs moved to the UK for doctoral studies at the University of London. He has published extensively on student learning and the implications of his research for teaching. Professor Biggs's most influential work is his concept of constructive alignment. This concept, a form of outcomes-based education, is outlined in Teaching for Quality Learning in University (McGraw-Hill/Open Les effets non d├ęsirables de Levitra pas cher University Press). The fourth edition is co-authored with Catherine Tang, based on their experience in implementing constructive alignment in several countries. Post-retirement, he is exercising his right hemisphere by publishing fiction.